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Churchtown was founded in 1968 as a family controlled business. All the staff, from design to delivery are professional, technically qualified and experienced with design, planning and all types of Industrial Building and Fire regulations requirements.

Many years of experience in developing fire resistant and anti-vandal units for British Rail and other protor type building for healthcare, Industry and commerce.

As manufactures and designers extensive experience has been gained in long life, low maintenance techniques and have especially developed from the experience of running and maintaining our own National Hire Fleet of buildings.

Organisations supplied by Churchtown included:

Royal Mail, NorthWest Water, British Rail, B.H.P., Avis, Hoya, Virgin, H.J.Heinz, Jacobs Bakery, Birds, Golden Wonder, Nabisco, B.N.F.L, U.K.A.E.A, Pilkingtons, Wimpy, Birse, Bovis, Pontins, Bookers, B.B.C., Granada, Tesco, Currys, I.C.I, G.U.S, Dunlop, C.E.G.B, B.M.O.C, B.A.A, N.C.P, A.F.Plc, Hamilton Oil, Evans Medical, Rockware, Goldberg Glass, British Leyland, N.W.S.Bank, Solicitors, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Docks, Ferrys, Food Manufactures, Produce Merchants, Golf Clubs, Trade, Industry and Commerce.

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