Design Service

You may not know how your office will run in the future.

So keep your options open with Churchtown Instant Buildings Design Service

Churchtown offers a complete service in planning and designing your building. From a basic project sketch, to full design layout and drawings. You may have the opportunity to determine the exact specification and regulation requirements. Churchtown's professional management service will coordinate all the requirements into a safe and efficient relocation in the most cost-effective way and delivery on time.

The Churchtown Building system combines a single source building service and offers you complete building packages service from which......

  • You can Hire or Buy

  • Guarantee fast site delivery and completion to your agreed specification within a fixed budget.

  • Provides a dedicated project management team.

  • Reduces on-site disruption to your business.

  • Ensures lasting value and low maintenance.

  • All buildings are tested, proven and quality guaranteed.

  • Gives you at anytime buy back options on all sale units.

  • Gives you a purchase option at anytime on all Hire contracts.

  • Allows enlargement / reduction of your Hire commitment at anytime.

  • Contact Churchtown to discuss your next building project large or small.

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